Service Quality


The analysis is based on comments in the public media (print, online, and social media) on around 40 airline brands. For the ranking, the statements related to the following three perception dimensions are statistically analyzed and evaluated daily:

  • Expediency: what is the perception of expediency of the airline’s offer, e.g., in terms of pricing or efficiency?
  • Reliability: does the airline have a reputation for a high degree of reliability, e.g., in terms of punctuality or competence?
  • Service Quality: what is the quality of services that can be expected, e.g., in terms of friendliness or customer orientation?


Brand Scorecards

If you would like to know more about the brand performance of the most important airline industries, subscribe to the brand-scorecards of Unicepta Suisse. Each scorecard contains the most important numbers about the main brand and three selectable competitors. The scorecards are updated 4 times a year and delivered to you as a PDF-Report. There are over 40 airlines in total available for comparison. Measurements are important brand drivers for the airline industry, such as: innovation, sustainability, employer value proposition (EVP), reliability or service quality.

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